Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'7 Winchester Art Palette

April 14, 2015
   Still wrestling with the Billy cover. We may gravitate to the sculpture of Billy that Bronzesmith created last summer.

Billy '73 Winchester Art Palette

   Looks like we're going to hang this issue on a quote Fred Nolan said at the Gallegos House in Lincoln last October:

"What if everything we know about Billy the Kid is wrong?"
—Fred Nolan

The historic Gallegos House in Lincoln where all my Kid Krazy friends met me last October to solve the riddles of the Kid and the Lincoln County War.

And, of course, it was here at the Gallegos that I received the proposed Billy sculpture from my amigos in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Why Do We Quote?
"Quoting is finding an echo, more beautifully or roundly expressed than we could ever manage ourselves, in the words of someone else."
—Ruth Finnegan

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