Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Billy Demon Eyes Or Billy Beatific?

April 8, 2015
   Deep into Billy-the-Kid-land once again. I have painted his visage at least a hundred times and in my mind, he ranges from beatific to demonic. Which makes sense since he is The Good-Bad Boy. Got up this morning and finished this before I came into work.

Daily Whipout: "Billy Demon Eyes."

   As opposed to the little angel most of his fans have of him.

Daily Whipout: "Billy Beatific"

   Of course, the real Billy was somewhere in the middle. I love the little comments people make who actually knew him.

From my Artist In Residency Sketchbook, drawn in the Gallegos House in Lincoln

                                          The Gallegos House in Lincoln

"I think it's so pointless when people are obsessed with their family tree. They're dead, move on. I really don't care where things come from."
—Mr. Oakley, a punk kid movie maker featured in the New York Times

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