Monday, April 13, 2015

Billy On The Brain, Part II

April 13, 2015

   Worked all weekend on cover concepts for the big Billy package. Got some good sketches:

Daily Whip Outs: April 12-13, 2015 Billy Cover Concepts

   On Saturday, I had my first book signing for "True West Moments: Where Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction," down at 92nd St. & Shea in Scottsdale. Ran into several people I worked with at New Times, including this pretty woman:

Carolyn Leister and BBB at Barnes & Noble

   She and her husband, Bill, live in Globe now and Bill surprised her by bringing her to the store and then coming around the corner and saying, "Oh, look who's here?" Ha. It was fun to see her. We worked in production at New Times back in the 80s. She later got a real job teaching and I never did get a real job.

   Stayed home on Sunday and worked furiously on Billy images. Had big plans.

Daily Whip Out: "Billy Stands Tall #4"

Billy Stands Tall #5

Daily Whip Out: "The Billy Enigma"

Daily Whip Out: "Billy Stands Tall #6"

   And, none of them worked. Chalk it up to getting old, infirm and, or, senility. The skills go south, the mind wanders off somewhere else. Had fun doing it, but then we know how well that pays.

"If you teach your children to love Old West reenacting, they'll never be able to afford drugs."
—Old Reenactor Saying

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