Saturday, April 04, 2015

Road Napping

April 3, 2015
   When my parents spend the night in Phoenix on an actual date, I like to hang out with my G-Paw and read magazines. It seems rather old fashioned, but he tells me he has a thing for dead trees.

Weston reading the New Yorker while G-Paw Ha Ha checks out a Republic magazine supplement.

   I'm not real fond of the food they feed me either, but in their defense they are on strict orders from my mother and can't really cheat—too much.

Grandma force feeding me bread and water.

   Sometimes when grandpa goes out for a walk, even promising to see bunnies, is not enough to make me wanna go.

No thanks. I'm gonna just stand here with Jo Jo and stare at the pavement.

   In fact, you go on ahead grandpa, I'm just going to take a quick road nap.

For some reason I just sleep better on asphalt.

"The road is the only thing."
—Weston Borscheller

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  1. Nice. Happy Easter to you and the missus


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