Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Someday It Might Be Worth The Cover Price

April 8, 2015
     On this day in 1904 Longacre Square in Manhattan was changed to Times Square: named after The New York Times. Ninety years later, to the day, Kurt Cobain put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled both triggers. He was 27.

   Speaking of weird connections, I signed a Honkytonk Sue comic book on July 6, 1979 with this inscription:

Inscription: "Hang on to this autographed copy—someday it just may be worth the cover price."

   Thanks to Wayne Horne of Phoenix for sending this to me. He bought the comic book at a swap meet a while back and thought I needed to see it. He was right.

   So, here is the weird part: it is 36 years later and here is an in-store placard Dan The Man designed for me to use for autograph signings for my forthcoming book (see quote at bottom):

I will be signing copies at Barnes & Noble at 92nd St. and Shea in Scottsdale this Saturday at 2 P.M.

Okay, Smart Guy, What Is Humor That Lasts?
   "Humor is like anything else in life: You can arrange any kind of human behavior on a scale from paranoid to very inclusive. And the best kind of inclusive humor is to look at this extraordinary situation only human beings are in. We're all in the same boat: We don't really know if there's any purpose to our being and nobody gave us a rule book, and once you start laughing about this, it's very inclusive. And at the other end of the scale is nasty humor where people make racial or political jokes indicating that the other group or political party is beyond redemption. Somebody told me a joke that I thought was very funny: Why do the French have so many civil wars? The answer is so they can win one every now and again. That made me laugh a lot but not because I hate the French."
—John Cleese

"Our faults irritate us most when we see them in others."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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