Saturday, April 29, 2023

Banjo Boy, Being Aroused And Being Serene On Old Route 66

 April 29, 2023

   If you can look at this old photograph and not smile, you have no heart.

Banjo Boy & His Dog, 1900

   And, if you can look at this photograph and not be aroused, you are probably testosterone challenged or older than me. Or, both.

Pretty Curls, Prettier Girl, 1850s 

   They were called "sausage curls", which is not the most attractive name, but never mind, she is a cutie and overrides the negative context.

Roadside Attractions

   A week ago tomorrow, I traveled down a familiar stretch of highway that took me back, literally and figuratively. It was so serene to be out there. This is why I loved road trips. Also, this is the longest surviving stretch of original Route 66 highway left in the country. Unfortunately, thieves have stolen every Route 66 shield and of the three Burma Shave sequences put out there for our traveling amusement, this punchline Burma Shave is one of the last two standing.

My pal Mundo Con Queso took this photo
of the Aubrey Valley stretch which is west of Seligman on old Route 66

Meanwhile, back at the Triple B Ranch:

   My number one patron, Craig Schepp, just came out to the Triple B Studio this morning and walked off with a couple of my favorite pieces. Yes, that is the "Hello, Bob" original in his right hand and "Fighting & Dancing at Mr. Lucky's" in his left hand. Uno is not amused or impressed because we're cutting into his nap time.

Up Next:

"Quien Es?"

And. . .

"The Rise of The Regulators"

"The mountains climb out of the desert on bony, outlying fingers and knuckled ridges, rising up into high cliffs, peaks, and battlements, with further ranges stacked up behind them in paler shades of blue."

—Richard Grant describing the Sierra Madre in "God's Middle Finger"

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