Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Jay Dusard's Rodeo Masterpiece

 April 12, 2023

   The legendary photographer, Jay Dusard, gifted me his latest book on "Abstractions." I especially love this image for two reasons.

"Abandoned Railway Coach Car,

Rodeo, New Mexico, 2010"

   The first is that the design and the portrayal of the inevitable destruction by time of everything man made is masterful. And the second is that my grandparents, Bob and Lue Guess, lived in Rodeo for a short time and I have always loved the place because it's right on the line between Arizona and New Mexico.

Bob & Lue Guess with their first

of five daughters, Sadie Pearl.

photo taken  somewhere in

the Bootheel of New Mexico.

The Bootheel

Guess Stomping Grounds

My mother was born in Lordsburg, my uncle John had a small ranch at Steins Pass and my great grandfather, Henry Guess, is buried in the small cemetery at Steins Pass.

 The Bootheel is also the home of Russian Bill.

Daily Whip Out: "Russian Bill"

   And, if you don't know who Russian Bill was, here is a crib sheet.

A True West Moment

   And nearby Hachita, is where the Haslett brothers cashed in. I did a whole Classic Gunfight on that violent spot in the road, but I'll save it for another day.

"I hate the person my targeted ads think I am."

—A New Yorker cartoon

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