Monday, April 17, 2023

The Homicidal Hello, Part II

 April 17, 2023

   Here is where we are on the "Hello Bob" T-shirt in the making.

Daily Whip Out: "Hello Bob Sketch #4"

The Homicidal Hello

   The trick here is to get past the brutal homicidal aspects of the event and drill down to the existential core of the hard greeting, "Hello, Bob." It has often been styled, in print, with an exclamation point, but I think that overcooks it. The blandness of the greeting and then the deadly payoff is what gives it power. It is perhaps the most polite kiss off in the history of the West, if not the world, and that is exactly why it's so infectious and appealing, at least to those of us who love the Kid and the story.

   This guy, not so much.

Robert Ameridith Olinger
aka "Pecos Bob" and "The Big Indian"

   In fact, that is one of the challenges. Do we show Bob in the design, like this:

Daily Whip Outs:

"Hello, Bob Variations With Olinger

 Himself In The Design?"


 Or, just keep the imagery on the Kid?

Daily Whip Out: "Stay On The Kid"

More Words, Or Less?

   And do we give the shirt design some clarification? Say, adding the words along the bottom: Lincoln, New Mexico, April 28, 1881? Or, for that matter do we need to include the words Billy the Kid in the design, or is that gilding the lily?

   Gee, if we only had one more buyer to put this project over the top. Who would that buyer be?

"Hello Bob! I will buy 5 out of the gate. The ‘Young Guns’ fan groups are good for a few dozen if not more."

—John Fusco

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