Friday, April 21, 2023

Finally: A Never Before Published Image of Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

 April 21, 2023

   Hard to believe, especially at this late date, that there would still be an image of Billy the Kid that hasn't been published. Well, today would be that day.

"Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid In Front of The Lincoln Courthouse On April 21, 1881"

   Of course, the Kid has that perpetual smirk that says, "Good luck keeping me locked up in this building." True to his smirk, seven days later, on April 28th, he did just that by killing both his guards and escaping the gallows. Tradition says, Garrett was in White Oaks that day buying lumber for the gallows. Notice the height difference: Garrett was six-four and the Kid five-seven. As my friend, Bob Yoho, puts it, "He wasn't large, but he was big in all the ways that matter."

Never Give Up On Your Dreams?

"Several years ago, there was a man who wouldn't give up. He was just an actor, but he had bigger things in mind, in the world of politics. People tried to talk him out of his wild-eyed notions but he wouldn't listen. And that man was John Wilkes Booth."

—Jack Handey

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