Monday, April 03, 2023

Cowgirl Up, Giant Stetsons & Blamethrowers

 April 3, 2023

   Back from Wickenburg, the home of the giant Stetson.

I gave a talk on Hellraisers & Trailblazers last Saturday at the Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg. It was part of the weekend Cowgirl Up Art Show extravaganza (60 artists!) and several of the women artists showed up at my talk, including V Vaughn, seen here holding up her sketchbook where she not only captured me in action but wrote down her impressions of my talk and then gifted me the page. We sold over 50 books, which in a crowd of 100 is pretty amazing. Great weekend. Had a ton of fun.

V. Vaughn & Her Sketchbook

Mickey Free Cover Concepts

Dan The Man and I were revisiting Mickey Free cover concepts and this one is probably 20 years old but it's pretty dang groovy.

   Speaking of a troubled time in our history, one of the things I noticed last weekend is that America is in no mood for reconciliation. The national mood is dark, blame is the game, and accountability is near zero. The writer Don Winslow said "We're two camps and we're exhausted." 

"America has basically been in a cold-civil war for about 7 years now."

—Someone I know on the outside looking in

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  1. It's a great observation on our cold-civil war. It's a nightmare. No common ground anywhere it seems anymore. It's a "you're with us or you're the enemy" mentality.

    That cover concept is amazing. Love the styling and the color. Minimal is beautiful.


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