Thursday, March 28, 2024

Arizona Evening, Arizona Flag (Blame It On Edmundo Segundo!)

 March 28, 2024

   We've had some dramatic skies the last several nights and every time I go outside, I look up and go, "Dang, that is an Ed Mell painting right there. Thanks Edmundo Segundo!"

Arizona Evening, Arizona Flag. 

   Meanwhile, in the back yard. . .

Bloomer Boy

   With all the rain, the succulents are blooming like crazy. A certain dog is not impressed. "Really?" his eyes clearly convey, you want me to pose here?"

   Another steal for your eyes only. This next Daily Whip Out was featured prominently in my latest Billy the Kid book, on page 15.

On The Border With Billy spread, BtKIII

   And, here is the orginal:

Daily Whip Out: "On They Rode"

Click here for the steal

" You can't change the noodle, but you can change the sauce."

—Bonnie Raitt

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