Monday, March 18, 2024

Willie B. Rude? Well, Will He?

 March 18, 2024

   Why no one has taken advantage of this incredible, but real name in Western storytelling, I have no idea. But, that is about to change.

Daily Whip Out: "William B. Rude"

One Rude Dude Gets His Due

   Yes, his given name was William B. Rude and he hailed from Tennessee, came west and barely survived Death Valley, then ended up in Green Valley, Arizona, fought off 100 Apaches in a mesquite grove, or, was it 30? Either way, he was, One Rude Dude.

   His story coming soon.

Arizona The Beautiful

"There's a fine balance between obsessing about your craft and being there for your family. It's akin to walking a tightrope. Your legs are shaky, and you're trying to find your center. Whenever you lean too far in one direction, you correct your course and end up over leaning in the other direction. So you correct by leaning the other way again. That's the dance. You can't achieve greatness by walking a straight line."

— Kobe Bryant

Daily Whip Out:
"Bass Reeves Plows Through The Darkness"

"There is nothing more entertaining, more satisfying, nothing more rich and deep, than truth."

—Ellen Burstyn

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