Sunday, March 31, 2024

A Few 66 Kid Characters for The Movie

 March 31, 2024

   It was Stuart Rosebrook who challenged me to come up with the characters who would be in the movie of "The 66 Kids." Here's a few (warning, a couple are perhaps too close for comfort and may need further changes) I came up with right off the bat.

• Flattop Jack: his father is in prison, his mother takes in ironing. Jack jacks around and drives fast. He is one Bad Boy. All the Good Girls are crazy about him.

Flattop Jack, sometimes referred to as
 "The Carkid"

• Lenny Leadfoot: chief rival to Flattop Jack and his Dodge Hemi

• Hank The Skank: so full of BS and ridiculous stories, who in their right mind would believe him? Oh, yes, that's right, his future wife, Ida May.

"Oh, crap, we're out of gas!"

• Big Joel Powski: In-din Humor Master

• The Yatahays: A Navajo Surf Band, led by Vincent Begay and his brothers Jimi Begay, Carlos Begay and Iffey Begay. Surprisingly, nobody in the band is gay.

The Legendary Navajo Surfband The Yatahays 

• Wendell & The Havatones: the Hualapai answer to the Yatahays. They do battle in Flagstaff at the Pow Wow Battle of the In-din Bands. Two are killed, one opens a car dealership.

Wendell & The Havatones

• Joe Hood: ex-Tombstone lawman, who resettled in Mohave County and opened Hood's Market.

(full confession: me, Boxlip Darrell, and the kids on Hall Street bought our fireballs at Hood's Market)

• Surfer Josephini: a California transplant, she started the Great Cowboy-Surfer War of 1966.
Cal Transplant Surfer Josephini

• Hanky "Panky" Panankus, famous for being the inspiration for the song lyric, "My baby does the hanky panky. . ." Probably not true, but she did, in fact, do a lot of hanky panky in and around the greater Kingman area.

Hanky Panky Doin' The Hanky Panky

• Boxlip Darrell: one foul-mouthed mo-fo. A devout Mormon, of course.

Boxlip Darrell And a Golden Valley girl

• Foxy Roxie: a ranching babe from the Big Sandy. Every cowboy in Mohave County is in love with her.

Foxy Roxie ridin' high!

• Dehlia Majestic: Mojave Maiden Extraordinaire

• Ellis Tucker: used car lot empresario

• Harry Nipple: wholesale pussy dealer

• Moon of The Mojaves: half In-din and half captivo. His mother is rumored to be Olive Oatman.

Moon of The Mojave

Hillbillies Extraordinaire

   In 1924 two Georgia boys, Gid Tanner and Riley Pucket, joined forces and created the first so-called hillbilly recording. From there Tanner formed The Skillet Lickers in 1926 and the first line-up expanded from just Gid and Riley Puckett to include Clayton McMichen and Fate Norris and between them they recorded 88 tunes for Columbia Records. Their best-selling record was "Down Yonder", a hillbilly breakdown extraordinaire.

Blind Riley Pucket of The Skillet Lickers

   Sometimes it's hard to make up anything funnier than real life. And, in this case, I won't even try.

"Growing up on Route 66, where truth is definitely stranger than fiction."

—The 66 Kid

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