Wednesday, March 13, 2024

It's Coming: The Diary of A Daily Whip Out

 March 13, 2024

   Still digging out from the mucho events of last weekend.

The Casa Molina Boys

   Me and The Boys—Dr. John Langellier, me and Stuart Rosebrook—at Casa Molina on North Campbell in Tucson last Thursday night. When it comes to history and the problems in the current culture, we solved some life, I tell you.

   Great to be back in the studio. Gave a go at a couple boards lying around. Thought I could improve them.

Daily Revised Whip Out:

"The Mexicali Stud In A Dust Storm"

   After being chased through the pouring rain and trudging through innumerable soggy slews after the failed Northfield, Minnesota bank raid by the James-Younger Gang, Cole Younger was captured and it turned out he had 11 wounds, including a bullet that lodged near his right eye. When they inspected and dressed his wounds in Madelia, Minnesota and they took his shoes off, well, because of the constant slog, all his toenails fell off.

Daily Revised Whip Out:

"Cole Younger Sheds His Toenails"

Diary of A Daily Whip Out

   I'm developing a series of videos with a Go Pro on my head, so you can finally see the development—from scratch to completion—of a Daily Whip Out, like the ones above. One warning: there may be some swearing involved.

Daily Whip Out Logo

"You know what's kind of cool? Realizing you're not cool and being cool with it."

—G-Paw Ha ha

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  1. I think it's safe to say, they don't make 'em like Cole Younger anymore. That was one tough SOB.


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