Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Uno Uses Dining Room Table Leg for Pillow

 March 20, 2024

   Who uses a dining room table leg for a head rest? That would be this guy.

Uno Enjoying A Comfortable Table Leg

   One of the benefits of social media is the steady improvement of old photos. Take this excellent photograph of Mexican Revolutionaries. Pretty dang sweet.

   On the other hand some of the new stuff being posted seems suspiciously, too good to be true:

Cowgirl AI?

Back to Reality

Another satisfied Triple B Art Studio Yard Sale customer.

Steve Enyeart with a Triple B original

   Steve is doing a coffee table book on saguaros and he also is the art director who hired me to do six dime novel style illustrations for a Coors Commemorative set.

Commemorative Coors Cans BBB Style

"I thought my father was driving us into the sky."

—Larry McMurtry, recalling a memory of riding in his father's car at age six, on a long stretch of Route 66

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