Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010
Without further ado, here are my Orme School Graphic Art students, holding up their favorite sketchbook page:

That's M.K. at left with his sketch of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill (which he free-handed out of a True West magazine), and Ephraim Park with a page of cartoons about his math teacher (hilarious, by the way). Both M.K. and Ephraim (we called him "Ephee") are from South Korea and they were great students, respectful, polite and hard working.

That's Ashley and Zack to the right of Ephraim, and they hooked up during the class. Next up is my TA Amy (who kept everyone in line) and then Andy, from China, and Diana (born in China, but raised in the U.S.) and Savannah. I had two other students but they were not in class when I took this photo.

"Teachers are the lowest paid soldiers in Uncle Sam's army."
—Three Trees, the drum teacher

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