Monday, February 08, 2010

February 8, 2010
Back from a week of teaching a graphic arts class at Orme Ranch School which is about 70 miles north of Cave Creek. Really hard work. I apologized to Kathy for all my years of thinking she had a cake job when she taught eighth grade math. Was I ever a nut job! She taught 25-30 Westsiders for nine months and I tried to ride herd on seven high schoolers for five days, and the sad truth is that I was in over my head! Still, I ended up having a great time, and I'm very proud of my charges and the artwork they produced. Pictures and drawings later.

I'm actually flying out tonight for Salt Lake City for a speech to high school history teachers tomorrow and then I'll be back on Wednesday. Lots more to say about a ton of things.

"Measure yourself by your best moments, not by your worst. We are too prone to judge ourselves by our moments of despondency and depression."
—Robert Johnson

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