Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010
Like most people, it takes a lot to get me to write a letter to the editor. I usually read the idiotic remarks in The Arizona Republic and chuckle, or, perhaps, shake my head in dismay. Not so today:

Please Dump 'Dilbert,' 'Doonesbury'
"I am a retired airline pilot and consider myself fairly intelligent.

"I read The Republic cover to cover daily. I enjoy the comics, but for the life of me, I don't get 'Dilbert' or 'Doonesbury.' To my mind, they are pointless and inane."
—Bernie Reynolds, Scottsdale

Humorless Flyboy Takes Flak From Grounded Cartoonist

Dear Editor,
Hey Bernie Reynolds, you retired airline pilot. You say you don't get the humor in the comic strips "Dilbert" or "Doonesbury" and you want them out of the paper. You may know how to fly a plane but you've obviously had a humor bypass somewhere over the Asinine Sea. Both Scott Adams and Gary Trudeau are humorists of the first order. They lacerate pompousness and the human condition with a brilliance that is worthy of Mark Twain or Chris Rock. And that is the "plane" truth, Flyboy.

—Bob Boze Bell
Cave Creek, Arizona

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