Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010
Nice Valentine's Day here on the Great Sonoran Desert. Went over with Kathy to her mother's for a late brunch. Deena Bean met us at Grandma Betty's, along with Brad and E.J. Radina. I made pancakes and sausage. Had some laughs talking about the torture of the teenage years, from both sides.

On the way home, Kathy and I got a hair and stopped at Harkin's on Bell to catch Crazy Heart, the new Jeff Bridges film about a fictional country singer named Bad Blake. I swear Bridges was channeling Waylon and Kris K. It was uncanny how much he had them down, but the real surprise is Colin Ferrell as a modern style country boy, a la Toby Keith or Tim McGraw. And, both actors did their own singing. Thank T Bone Burnett for the songs which landed somewhere between the Eagles and Charlie Daniels. Very honest film, as it pertains to Country honkytonks, of which I know a thing or two. Robert Duvall co-produced it and also makes a cameo reminding us of passing on the torch from his great understated Oscar performance in Tender Mercies, which this film resembles, except for the redemption at the end (hint: we don't get one this time around: think The Wrestler).

Afterwards, I asked Kathy where she wanted to go for a Valentine's evening dinner and she picked Pita Jungle at Desert Ridge. Nice dinner ($40 something Sue account). Got home at sunset, another seventy degree day on the great Sonoran Desert (but don't tell anyone or they'll all move here).

I've been contacted by a French publisher who wants to translate my books into French. Mr. B. bought my Wyatt Earp book at a National Park (Moab) and thinks it might sell in Paris and Quebec. How about them cherries?

"Head 'em up, and move 'em out!"
—Old French Saying

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