Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010
We got soaked this weekend. Still overcast on Monday. Stayed home all weekend and watched movies and did art in my studio.

I'm working on a new series of True West Moments for the Arizona Republic, which should premiere in about two weeks. I've got five in the can and I worked on sketches and scratchboards for another five. Here's one of them:

That's the acting governor of Arizona, John J. Gosper, on the left, and Doc Holliday on the right. Both roomed together in Prescott in 1880 and showed up on the census as roommates. What historians want to know is how Doc Holliday could have sunk so low as to room with a politician?

Caught Ref. Handed
Like most artists, I have a dreaded fear of being found out when it comes to the "art reference" I use to create my "original" artwork. Case in point, when I posted the gouache of Dr. Whitlock being riddled with 130 bullets (see last week's posting), I got this email from Jim Hatzell:

"I'm just curious, did you use a photo of Shadow from our Artist's Ride shoot?"

Attorney: "Notice the splattered paint, which will be submitted as Exhibit A in the Copycat Trial of Mr. BBB, where we will prove conclusively that Mr. Bell is a shameless copier."

"I am only human, although I regret it."
—Mark Twain

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