Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12, 2010
Flying R came out yesterday and gifted me with a new hatband made out of rawhide. Very cool. Thanks Roger.

Going to lunch with Mad Coyote Joe. Heading up to Saba's in Carefree.

To pay off yesterday's posting, here is the final cover for the Billy the Kid Robbing Circle K cover:

And here's the payoff to the other image:

Notice that in this photo, the fishing wire is pulling the edge of my vest to simulate wind. And speaking of the Razz, about every six months I get contacted by a guy named Fabio in Italy who wants to find a Volume I Number 2 issue of the Razz. He is a Beatle fanatic, allegedly works for the Italian Rolling Stone. Here's the cover:

This cover was illustrated by Dan The Man Harshberger and if you have a copy of this issue I think I could sell it for a bundle to Fabio.

"All creative people are kids at heart.”
—Steve Carmichael

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