Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010
Last week when Jeb Rosebrook and I went up to Orme Ranch he regaled me with stories of the old days and some of the more famous names to grace the school grounds. Candice Bergen attended camp there, twice. Actor Jimmy Stewart had a kid there and Charles Lindberg sent his daughter and son, and Phil Harris' two daughters attended camp. But the one that kind of surprised me is radio bad boy Don Imus. I knew Imus spent part of his youth growing up on a ranch near Ashfork, Arizona (Marshall Trimble's home town), but I never knew he attended Orme School.

Jeb was one of Imus' counselors at the Orme Ranch Summer Camp and remembers him, prior to his being sent home for disciplinary reasons, as "a verbally aggressive fifteen-year-old, who rarely lacked for a moment to go out of his way to make himself heard. Especially," as Jeb said, "by his counselors or others in his peer group."

Jeb went on to say, "Looking back, Don always seemed angry. And I don't know that any of his counselors that summer could understand why."

Our local T-Shirt guy Gregg Clancy came by last night with a new design:

I like the design and the patina but the slogan is a tad questionable. Anybody offended?

"You can't crush ideas by suppressing them. You can only crush them by ignoring them."
—Ursula K. LeGuin

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