Friday, November 09, 2012

Arizona Rangers Outside Douglas?

November 9, 2012

   Got rain last night. The air is sweet this morning. Actually cool out, great clouds:

Morning Clouds Over Ratcliff Ridge

Went for a walk up Old Stage Road and saw even more dramatic clouds over Continental Mountain:

Rain Clouds Over Continental Mountain

Last night Greg Carroll and I attended Art Walk in Scottsdale. Stopped in at Guidon Books and bought a few, including the new book on Curly Bill by Randolph Farmer and "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin and a big art book on Edgar Payne (total $117, biz account).

Vincent Murray came out for lunch today and we went next door to Z Asian Fusion. Or is it Z Fusion Asian? Anyway, Vince is working on our site for the Mattie Earp memorial at the Pinal, Arizona Cemetery. Looks like we'll have a dedication in January and all of you will be invited.

Bernie and Melissa Sargent from El Paso came in the True West World Headquarters at three. He's in town to do a wedding for a friend of theirs. The Sargents are big in El Paso history circles. Bernie is the lead dog at the Concordia Cemetery where John Selman and John Wesley Hardin are buried. Melissa does PSA spots for El Paso history (taking over from Leon Metz). Here we are in my office:

We're doing a feature on the Arizona Ranger next spring. Got this photo from Shelly Dudley at Guidon Books last night. I believe this photo of Rangers was taken on a hill outside Douglas or Naco. There are several photos of them on horseback and riding away. Anybody know who these Rangers are?


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