Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Biebers Invade And Peckasso Rules The Roost

November 17, 2012

   The Biebers showed up this morning at 7:30. Heard the head Bieber chewing through the gate and went around the studio to the back yard just in time to see one of the smaller Biebers staring at the chickens. He finally saw me, scampered to a hole in the fence (which they made with their tusks) and loped across the side yard on the outside of the fence. Caught him in full stride looking rather Sasquatchy:

Going up the hill this morning for the Open House at Bronzesmith in Prescott Valley. If you are in the area stop by for refreshments and to take a gander at the big 10-foot-tall clay version of "Not-So-Gentle Tamer." i'll be there from 10 to 2.

Hey, remember this little chick roosting on my arm?

Well, Peckasso, is quite a rooster today with hens of his own. I'll get you a photo of what a bigshot he has become with his own condo on the creek and everything. Amazing how far one can go in this world with just a little pluck and cluck.

"Would a rooster by any other name taste so sweet?"

—Old Vaquero Saying