Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Buffalo Soldiers (The Tenth Horse) Dust It Up

November 20, 2013

   Sometimes I shoot photographs that I forget about, then discover again, get all excited and print them out for future usage. This is one of those photos, shot last summer in Santa Fe at the Centennial Art Show at Due West Art Gallery. I was looking for something else and ran across this (ON MY PHONE!) This is Rusty York.

The Man With The Angst

Been noodling dust effects since last weekend. Had about a dozen "starters" on the floor, dabbing and blotting, puddling and splotching. This morning I grabbed one (the biggest failure) and went for broke on a study I call "The Tenth Horse: Dust Storm Guidon."

Daily Whipout #41, "The Tenth Horse: Dust Storm Guidon"

I want it!

"As painters we must always remember that the spirit is more important than the fact."

—Harold Von Schmidt