Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Doc Holliday Keeps Climbing And Is This Jesse James?

November 14, 2012

   Doc Holliday continues to roll. Facebook stats show the good doctor's grave post is at 43,000 page views—and counting. Just amazing. A photograph of a grave!

   Our production manager, Robert Ray is searching for train images to illustrate the new batch of True West Moments we filmed in Durango last August. Jeff Hildebrandt of Encore Westerns sent us a wish list of images to add coverage to the bits. While looking for images on the Library of Congress website, Robert found this:

Is this Jesse James?

Although small, it looks somewhat fake to me, or patched together from a variety of images, but it is new to me. Speaking of train robbers, found this scratchboard in my morgue of a train robbery who let his mask slip during a robbery and the engineer recognized him. Can't remember the outlaw, but I think it was a series on outlaws for the Learning Channel in the mid-nineties. A production house in LA paid me $200 per image to help illustrate the show.

I believe this was based on a train robbery Oklahoma in the 1890s. Here's another scratchboard for your consideration. One of my favorites. Quite loose, but strong.

Daily Whipouts #35, "Border Banditos"

I want it!

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