Friday, November 09, 2012

Doc Holliday goes viral

November 9, 2012

Yesterday, our assistant editor Chad Hays, who also posts items of interest on our Facebook page,  stumbled upon an amazing viral phenom. He told me he was going to post a photo on Facebook of Doc Holliday's grave in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He asked me if it was authentic and I told him the deal (the location is questionable) and so he posted it with the simple statement that Doc died on this date.

Late in the day, yesterday, Chad alerted me to some startling stats. The likes, the shares and the page views were going through the roof. Check this out, so far the posting has garnered the following numbers as of this morning:

"870 likes, 476 shares and 5,909 views. We added roughly 70-80 fans to the page in the last 24 hours."

—Chad Hays

   Chad has definitely hit a nerve here. What does this mean? Are graves really this powerful? Would we have gotten as many hits and likes and shares if we ran a picture of Doc?

I'm not sure. Why do you think this hit such a nerve?

"You sons-of-bitches have been looking for viral stats and now you can have them!"

—Doc Holliday