Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naiche's New Boots: Where'd He Get 'em?

November 27, 2012

Woke up this morning to the sound of what sounded like a hundred coyotes yipping and yapping down the canyon. Thought about getting up and trying to record it but was too lazy.

Betsey The Chicken Lady came over at 12:30 and ascertained I have five roosters and three hens, and she believes one of the roosters killed a hen yesterday. We made plans for what to do. Details to come.

We're running an excerpt from Robert Utley's forthcoming Geronimo book in the next issue and today I discovered a nifty little insight. When Geronimo and Naiche surrendered to General Miles in September of 1886 they rode to Fort Bowie to await their conveyance to the Bowie Train Station, where they would catch a train on to Florida. A photographer took a couple photos of the two prisoners of war. This is one of them:

I love two things about this photo. For one thing, the G-Man is smiling, or smirking, to be more accurate, but check out his new boots. I seem to remember he bought them at the Sutler Store at Bowie. Now, check out Naiche's feet. Traditional, homemade Apache moccasins. Well, here he is on their next stop, which I believe is at San Antonio, Texas:

That's Naiche, front row, third from the left—center—but check out his NEW BOOTS, complete with V-tops! So where did Naiche buy his new boots? Does anybody know?

"The secret of success is to be in harmony with existence, to be always calm. . .to let each wave of life wash us a little farther up the shore."

—Cyril Connolly