Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Playing A Mean Game of Javelina Hide & Seek

November 28, 2012

   Went down to deliver the paper to my neighbor Tom Augherton this morning at eight. As I came onto his back patio I flushed out a big, fat Bieber, who went about five steps and stopped. I whipped out my cell phone and got this:

Pushing my luck I walked towards him to see if the rest of his rowdy crowd was in the neighborhood. I would take two steps and he would reluctantly move off about five feet:

We finally got into a game of Hide & Seek, although, it was like playing with a five-year-old who says, "pretend you don't see me here," it was actually kind of pathetic:

I yelled out, "That's some fat ass you've got there Bieber!" But he didn't seem to get the humor. In fact he kind of gave up at that point as if to say, "That's just mean, Ese."

"Why'd you have to be so mean?"

—Taylor Swift