Saturday, February 09, 2013

A Different Kind of Bullrider at the Wickenburg Parade

February 9, 2013
  Left Cave Creek under cloudy skies this morning at seven. Our driver this year was Dr. Lonnie Couch who manhandled the big Checker Extended Custom Cab with the True West logos over the doors:

The clouds lifted as we got on the road but we saw snow on the Bradshaws to the north:

The roar of that big engine with the scooped hood took me back to being on Route 66. Joining us again this year was Lee Anderson and his 17-hands-high-prancin'-caballo Concho:

Of course Lee and Concho are always a big, crowd pleaser. One thing a little different this year is an entry called "The Bullrider":

Which kind of gives the term a new meaning, no? Gave away 11 boxes of magazines (The Arizona Rangers issue which went over like bangbusters).

"And that ain't no bull."
—Tex Earnhardt