Monday, February 25, 2013

King of The Clouds

February 25, 2013
Worked the last week on a new True West Moment featuring one of my favorite artists. Did a sketch of him based on a 1930s photograph by his then wife Dorothea Lange:

Didn't want to just duplicate what she had done, so refined it, looking for other options:

Decided to mash up a silhouette with one of his distinctive paintings:

Then decided it should be his most famous painting:

That's "Cloud World" in the foreground and, of course, his famous Thunderbird watch fob on his hip. Speaking of hip, this artist had it goin' on in more ways than one (hint: he was a cocky guy):

"O, I am Maynard Dixon,

And I live out here, alone

With pencil and pen and paint-brush

And a camp stool for my throne

King of the desert country

Holding a magic key

To the world's magnificent treasure

None can unlock but me!"

—Maynard Dixon