Thursday, February 07, 2013

"Route 66" Not Filmed On Route 66?

February 7, 2013
   Do you remember the old TV show "Route 66"? I believe it ran from 1961 thru 1966, and featured two cool dues driving a baby-blue Corvette and having adventures on the Mother Road. I think some 116 episodes were filmed. Anyway, I read recently that very few of the episodes were actually filmed on 66. I do know that one episode I saw back in the day featured Site 6 (which became Lake Havasu City) and which is about 35 miles south of Route 66. Someone said another Arizona episode featured The Safari Resort in Scottsdale, which is 175 miles south of Route 66. Are there other examples of episodes being filmed off the highway? I'm especially interested in the Arizona ones.

  Meanwhile, hung the big Seligman-Route 66 poster last night at the end of the hallway going into the living room. Check it out.

This morning I sat for artist Marless Fellows of Saddle Up Gallery in Cave Creek. She is doing a series of oil paintings on Cave Creek characters and she wants to paint my portrait. So it was a bit odd being on the back side of the canvas.  She is having a show of these portraits on March 16 and you are invited.

"I suddenly saw the whole country like an oyster for us to open; and the pearl was there, the pearl was there."
—Jack Kerouac, "On The Road"