Monday, February 25, 2013

Shotguns at Midnight: The Virgil Earp Shooting

February 25, 2013
  Several years ago (2006?) video shooter Mike Pelligatti and I, along with Paul Hutton and a sound man, traveled down to Tombstone to film the shooting of Virgil Earp as a possible pilot for a Classic Gunfights TV show. With the help of local actors we only had one problem: we didn't have a permit to film on the streets. So we did what so many production companies with no cash do: we decided to beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission and we shot with no permit. AND, we fired off the shotguns at midnite at the very last moment, thus enacting the actual event at the actual time it happened. The sheriff did come, we begged for forgiveness and he let us go.

Shotguns at Midnite

"I've still got one good arm to hug you."

—Virgil to Allie, his wife