Monday, February 18, 2013

Jugs Iced Free & Battlescars of The Apache Republic

February 18, 2013
   Worked over the weekend on several projects. The Top Secret Writer and I are creating a sweet little villain for the Mickey Free story. Everyone called him Curley, but his real name was Battlescars:

Daily Whipout #133, "Battlescars of The Apache Republic"

Part Apache and part Mojave, Curly had facial tattoos to match his many battlescars. One, mean dude, he was.

Meanwhile, watched "Grapes of Wrath" last night and was very impressed with the cinematography. Some of the best I've ever seen. No surprise then that the guy who filmed it, also did "Citizen Kane." Talbot I believe is his name. Just brilliant lighting. Anyway, I was impressed with a scene of Tom Joad and the preacher approaching the Joad farm house and so this morning I whipped out a little study inspired by the memory of the scene:

Daily Whipout #134, "Coffee's On"

Also, worked on a concept piece for my Route 66 project. Also whipped that out this morning before I came into work:

Daily Whipout #135, "Jugs Iced Free"

As I told my Kingman compadres—Bugs and Big D—this is inspired by a whole lot of Mary Jane R. and a pinch of Mary Kay H. Ha.

"It was so cold the other day in Cheyenne that I saw a lawyer going down the street with his hands in his own pocket."
—Alan Simpson