Monday, August 12, 2013

Back From The Beach and Back to The Drawing Board

August 11, 2013

   Back from the beach and hard at it again. Got up this morning and noodled some ideas on the growing up on Route 66 book:

Daily Whipout, "Extra Lubrication, Kingman Style"

   Kingman book-mate Dan-The-Man sent me this little street scene this morning. Recognize the location?

Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona, probably in the 1930s.

Went home for lunch and whipped out a study to illustrate Mark Boardman's fine feature in the next issue on Sadie vs. Josie.

Daily Whipout, "Sadie, The Entertainer?"

   Trying to come up with an editorial statement that matches the article, which is the Josie Earp who saw herself as a stage entertainer, vs. Sadie Earp who many see as a different kind of entertainer. May go with a colorized version of this sketch, below, give it a red background and call it a day. Or, night. Ha.

Daily Whipout, "Sexy Sadie vs. Forty-dollar Sadie"

   What can I do? Keep on noodlin'! More takes on the world's oldest profession tomorrow.

   Oh, it was a ton of fun to go (on vacation), but it's great to be back!

"There is no sadder fate than being hated by someone who should love you."
—Eleanor Henderson