Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soiled Dove Sadie: Was She? Or, Wasn't She?

August 13, 2013
   On the last day at the beach last weekend, the new mama posed with her new son outside our cozy, beach bungalow at PLaya del Rey:

We had a great time. Left at about 10:30 for the long drive back to Arizona. Traffic is always bad in LA but we made it out with minimum stoppage on I-10. We did spot a couple dust devils east of Quartzite:

One Tall Tonapah Dust Devil

Here's a closer look at it:

Tonopah Dust Devil #2

   It has become a family tradition to stop in Blythe at La Paloma Mexican food restaurant, which is downtown where it looks pretty sad. Hardly anything open (it was also 104 degrees out and that made it sadder):

Notice how sticky we look. Ha. Once inside, though, it was heaven and the food is great. Had the menudo (lower, right):

A big dish of Menudo at La Paloma, in Blythe, California

   Great to go, great to be back home. Got up this morning and bailed into a painting of Sadie Marcus. Wanted to capture the idea of "Well, was she? Or, wasn't she? She made such an effort to erase her face and I wanted to get that in. A new look at the evidence points to a compelling conclusion which we will feature in the next issue in an article by Mark Boardman.

Daily Whipout, "Soiled Dove Sadie: Was She? Or, Wasn't She?"

"I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts."
—Mark Twain