Friday, August 09, 2013

On The Beach With Legendary Playmates

August 9, 2013
  It defies logic to a Desert Rat that the same August air that Arizona will get in a day or two is actually cold. My first reaction at walking on the beach at Marina del Rey this morning was, I wonder what the hot months are like here? Wait a minute: this is August! And it feels like the mid-sixties with the wind chill. Now THAT alone makes it a vacation.

Here we are set up on the edge of the water and the boys are cavorting with a frisbee in the water.

The only slightly irritating aspect of the place is being at the end of the LAX runways and the takeoff sounds of big jets is a constant:

Found a little Mexican diner just off the beach, called Mr. G's. Ordered burritos and huevos rancheros to go for the crew back at the pad.

It's Cal, so the neighbors are memorable:

"I love how Beyonce got her hair cut and people act like the world hasn't been changed forever!!!"
—Jim Gaffigan