Friday, August 23, 2013

Wild Bill, Sgt. Floyd Cisney & Shotguns at Midnite

August 23, 2013
  With the November issue in the can I can finally return to doing my daily Whipouts. Started today with a vengeance, whipping out a little study on the legendary Arizona Highway Patrolman Sgt. Floyd Cisney, who worked out of Kingman. Approached this one with more a ghost visage:

Daily Whipout: "Sgt. Floyd Cisney Stands Tall"

Reworked a painting this morning I created for our TV show "Outrageous Arizona." This is the Apache grandmother Diltche crossing the Colorado River successfully on her 1,000 mile journey to return home from captivity. She did it without a map, a weapon or supplies. Oh, and she couldn't swim either. Amazing.

Daily Whipout, "Diltche Crosses The Mighty Colorado"

   Also reworded a couple other pieces, including this one, which appeared originally in my Classic Gunfights, Vol. II "Blaze Away, The 25 Gunfights Behind The OK Corral".

Daily Whipout, "Shotguns at Midnite"

   And also, reworked a scratchboard of The Prince of the Pistoleers:

Daily Whipout, "Wild Bill Whips 'Em Out"

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—Charlotte Painter