Monday, August 19, 2013

Video of The Gang Car Ride

August 15, 2013
   Last Saturday we rode the Presidential Train from Durango up to Cascade, a siding where we had a catered picnic. While there, one of our True West Maniacs, Dan Nixon, proposed to his girlfriend, by hiding a ring in a box of chocolates:

   The Founder of the Feast, Al Harper, furnished a Gang Car for me and Kathy, Ken and Lucinda and Sourdough Slim, to get back down the hill for a dress rehearsal at the Strater Hotel. We had to meet Michael Biehn for a run through on the big interview we had for the 20th Anniversary of Tombstone.

   Here is Lucinda Amorosano videoing the ride while leaning out of the car:

   And here is her video of our hair-raising ride in the Gang Car, down and around the Highline with 800 foot drops:

Gang Car Roller Coaster Ride

The guy with us at the end is Sourdough Slim, the opening act in our Michael Biehn (he played Johnny Ringo in "Tombstone") interveiw at the Strater Hotel. As we careeen through the Highline (the steepest part of the ride) Ken, Lucinda's husband, is waving frantically, from the front Gang Car, for me to pull Lucinda in the car and you can hear me relaying this message.

"It's not the drop that kills you, it's the landing."
—Old Vaquero Saying