Monday, August 26, 2013

Barricade Wolves & 92-Year-Old-Cartoonists

August 26, 2013
   Got into the office and had a surprise visitor: my 92-year-old cartoonist hero, Bill Canfield. He came in and gave me an original drawing (he does this every so often and I must have five or six of his originals). So this time, I zapped him back with a scratchboard I had on my desk, which I quickly signed and handed to him:

Bill Canfield, 92, holding a BBB original

   Over the weekend I brought in my large Andreas Fenninger "Route 66" photograph, which I intend to put on the wall today. This is to inspire me to finish the 66 Kid. Speaking of which I sent down a couple black and whites to master colorist Brett Smith in Tucson and he whipped out some color ideas:

BBB scratchboard, "Barricade Wolf"

Brett Smith color version of "Barricade Wolf"

   Also worked over the weekend on a Tombstone fire scratchboard:

Daily Whipout, "Tombstone Fire"

   This scratchboard appears in "CGII, Blaze Away, The 25 Gunfights Behind The O.K. Corral" but without the people in it. Wanted the guy in white, at right, to be in his night shirt, but I kind of tubed it. As Chief Dan George said in "Little Big Man", "Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't."

   Had my artistic minded neighbor Cal Nelson come over for green chile (with Hatch green chiles provided by Johnny D. Boggs who brought them over last week on his way to the Grand Canyon to try out the new mules). Cal helped me choose the best 15 paintings for my upcoming art show in Santa Fe. This was one of them:

Daily Whipout, "The Midnight Visitor"

"How you know you are doing something right is that as many people hate you as love you."
—Ricky Gervais