Monday, August 25, 2014

A Letter From Home

August 25, 2014

   Worked this morning on the elusive Doc Holliday that was headed for Chuck City, but didn't get it to a satisfactory place. Gave up and came into work.

Daily Whipout: "Doc Undone"

   Checked my mail and got this letter from my hometown.

Three Couples From Kingman Who Who I Have Offended
   It's not often I take the time to write and mail a hard copy letter to anyone, however we were so offended by your recent blog posts regarding your visit to Kingman, AZ that we were compelled to do so.

   The Kingman Daily Miner published a very complimentary article regarding your book and exhibit at the Powerhouse, however you were unhappy with the time of publication, so used your blog to slam the Miner for not using the opportunity to promote your book. The Miner is not responsible for providing free advertising for you and s you had already posted that the books had 'sold out' on Friday, we're not sure why it mattered at that point. The festival and your appearances were well covered by the Miner throughout the week prior and in festival schedules.

   The Mohave Museum provided a book signing venue for you and also 'sold out' of your books, however you were unhappy that they had not funded your "exhibit" so used a blog entry to slam and misquote the director of the museum for not also promoting your personal projects. You book and exhibit are not 'historic' and do not fit the mission of the museum.

   We applaud the Kingman Daily Miner and the Mohave Museum for their contributions to this community and this event. We have posted this in our businesses and encourage others to do the same.

Mr. and Mrs. James Wood

Mr. and Mrs. D Cavenaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Clark

   I will own being petty and petulant about the Miner coverage—or more specifically, the lack of timely coverage. And for the most part, everyone in Kingman treated me like a long lost son. The only bone I have to pick with the letter is that the book and the exhibit are about events that took place in Kingman a half century ago with historic photographs and maps of how Kingman was in the 1950s and 1960s. How is that not historic?

"Imagined history can be more persuasive than fact."
—Old Vaquero Saying