Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zane Training And Heading Home

August 12, 2014
   How do you raise funny kids? We started our kids early and humiliated them regularly when they weren't zany. Here's Thomas Charles when he was five with a brand new mohawk do, undergoing some intense ham training with his dad (full disclosure: we both got mohawks on the air at KSLX and then we both rode in the Cave Creek Rodeo parade and when old ladies would wave to us we would lift up our hats to show them our punk heads).

Ham Training, April 1, 1987, on the Friday before the Cave Creek Rodeo Parade where I was Grand Marshal. Photos by Ralph Rippe

   Speaking of being humiliated on a regular basis, I am bound for Kingman today, to begin installation on the big "66 Kid" multi-media art show at the Powerhouse Museum. Show opens on Thursday along with the premiere of the book and the video. Want to see a sneak peek at the video. Check this out:

The 66 Kid Video Sneak Peek

  Sent out 50 hard bound books yesterday to all the people who helped me create the book. See you there.

"It is not the fastest animal which survives but that which is the most adaptable to change."
—Old Vaquero Saying