Monday, August 04, 2014

Trash & Treasure From The Triple B Garage

August 3, 2014
   Down to the wire. Got a big truck steaming my way even as I type this, with a large palette of "The 66 Kid" hard bounds (500). The problem is, I keep finding little treasures in the trash heaps. Like this:

Daily Whipout: "Billy's Last Gasp"

This is the original pen and ink drawing, framed but dusty and the price on the back is $300 but I wouldn't sell this for $30,000. It's one of the best illustrations of Billy I have ever done, and, as you know, I've done plenty. It breaths, it's him and it's authentic to the evidence. I can't believe no one bought this when it showed at Suzanne Brown's Gallery in Scottsdale in 1992. Anyway, this was worth the cleaning right here.

I keep unearthing tons of postcards in various boxes. Here is just a small sample of the hundreds of postcards I have found so far, in my garage:

Postcard City From The Triple B Garage

Yes, that's a postcard for the play "True West" at bottom, left, the stage play by Sam Shepard. The funniest card is the Brokeback Mountain, upper left, second card down. On the back is a note from PH that says, "Sure looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks! Yee Haw!" Of course PH is the Top Secret Writer, also known as Paul Andrew Hutton. The postcard, just above the Brokeback card, is the card for Dreamscape Desperado, the very successful museum show on Billy the Kid that Paul Hutton curated way back in 2007.

Here are some sketches from my college fine art classes from about 1968, or, they could be later, when I took classes at The Scottsdale Artist's School in the 1980s.

Brokeback Model, Series 69

Nude Descending A Staircase To Heaven

Found this heavily patina laden mono-print of a certain dentist at a certain street fight:

Daily Whipout: "Doc Waits His Turn"

I must say the garage and the packrats worked to give this a certain grungy bonified treasure aspect. Found this, below, in my Famous Faces file. What do Desmond Tutu and Evan Mecham have in common?

Daily Whipouts: "Desmond Tutu The Fiery Orator vs. Evan Mecham The Flaming Governor"

There's a ton more, but I've got to get back to cleaning, or I'll never finishing in time for that truck to unload.

"Trying to run a brand with a cold iron don't save no time."
—Old Vaquero Saying