Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Postcard Blitz & Dipstick Legends

August 5, 2014

   Got the garage cleaned out enough to accept a very large palette of books. Want to knock it back one more layer tomorrow, but if the truck shows up, I'm ready. Here's a sleeper cartoon I found in my New Times files:

Daily Whipout: "Cover Me, I'm Going In"

   This was an illustration paired with a news report that local police needed a warrant to search a young woman they suspected of hiding drugs in her bra.
Al Bell Two Fisted Pump Jockey, New Times cover, June 23, 1982

   Inside the feature is a little racier than I opted for in the book (maturity?).

The Dip Stick Legend, 1982

The Triple B Postcard Blitz
   I also lined up three different 66 Kid postcards from my series and targeted several big TV media outlets with a one, two, three blitz. They get one postcard, then another one comes a day later and a third a day after that. The pitch starts soft, goes gonzo and finishes with me asking (actually begging) for the order. It's a long shot, but it's so hard to break wall that today on the big shows. We'll see.

BBB Postcard Blitz ready to go

"In this business you either sink or swim or you don't."
—David Smith