Tuesday, August 19, 2014

From Dry Creek to Rippin' Creek

August 19, 2014
   Tried to go into work at about nine, but Grapevine was ripping pretty hard. Thought I'd go home and do a few things and try the crossing in an hour, but we got hit even harder by another storm. Check out Cave Creek, down below our house. Notice all the small trees in this video.

The Creek Begins to Run

Then it really started to rip.

Big Monsoon Morning

   I went over to check on my neighbors Tom and Lynn Augherton, whose house is right next to the creek. While we were talking another storm cell blew through.

The Hoss House up on the ridge as the second storm blew in.

   Instead of going down, the creek kept getting bigger and wider

Cave Creek Rips Out A Tree

I couldn't go home, so Lynn made Tom and and I lunch and I told them tall tales of my Kingman Route 66 Festival adventures.

A great little lunch from my neighbors was served just as the power went out.

   All through lunch we watched the creek as it got bigger and bigger. Within fifteen minutes we could see shocks of brown water ripping higher than the Augherton's retaining wall. The sound was like Niagra Falls, a constant roar.

Got back up to my house around noon and the front yard looked like Lake Cuomo:

Lake Bozo, at noon after the Monsoon Dump

So much for this day. The office is closed and I missed two meetings, but it was fun while it lasted. It was quite unexpected at the beginning, when the skies looked interesting, but not foreboding.

Forboding skies at 5:45 this morning. Little did we know. . .

"However certain our expectation, the moment foreseen may be unexpected, when it arrives."
—T.S. Eliot