Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jumpin' Sring Bean Murphy & Honkytonk Sue Hang Out

August 28, 2014
   Curator Cal has been very busy creating files and categories for the BBB archives, for stuff like this:

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Free, Heads Will Roll"

   This was a complicated scene to plan and execute, showing Mickey Free dumping the head of an Apache renegade on the desk of Captain Pearce at San Carlos. In the early days of the reservation camp the buildings were quite rudimentary and makeshift, as shown here. As an added bonus that is Powhatan Clark at left, inspired by how Frederic Remington illustrated his favorite soldier. This scratchboard was then applied to a purported dime novel cover of the day. The resulting faux publication appears in the December, 2008 cover story in True West which featured the semi-graphic novel, Mickey Free.

   Meanwhile, finding and filing several large boards on the Queen of Country Swing:

Daily Whipout: "The Queen of Country Swing Deep In The Corral"

   And here's another view of the wildest woman I've ever known:

Daily Whipout: "Honkytonk Sue Under The Vato Neon Beer Sign"

   Yes, Kathy Sue Radina posed for this and it is clearly her. I'd recognized that perky breast anywhere. And to be clear, when I referred to the wildest woman I've ever know I was referring to Kathy Sue not Honkytonk Sue.

   We used to have cats out here on the high Sonoran Desert, but the coyotes got so bad we finally gave up after losing 22 different cats in short order. But one of the most legendary cats we had was a black one, who we named Jumpin' Stringbean Murphy because he had a vertical jump of almost six feet, straight up, which saved him on more than one occasion when coyotes would try and trap him.

Daily Whipout: "Jumpin' Stringbean Murphy And His Girlfriend Blanca"

   And who has to wrangle all of this mess into shape?
Curator Cal looking a little overwhelmed

"Sometimes love can be so wrong, like a fat man in a thong."
—John Hiatt, "Terms of My Surrender"