Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet Cal The Curator

August 27, 2014
   Today would have been my father's 91st birthday. He passed in 1998. August is cloud month in Arizona, or, it should be. With the monsoon conditions we get the big cloud build ups almost every day. Here's how Ratcliff Ridge looked this morning at six:

Sunrise over Ratcliff Ridge

   And here's how Ratcliff Ridge looked at noon today:

Summer Clouds Over Continental Moutain

   Went home for lunch to meet my curator. Going over what to save in my archives and how to best save it:

Curator Cal with her hands full

   We met with a state repository yesterday and they gave us some suggestions on how to best file everything. We currently have 15 categories of artwork going back to Mr. Wallace's Civics Class (1965):

Mister Wallace and Ms. Brownie Points Herself Trudy Peart, at left. Civics Class, Fourth Period, New Building, M.C.U.H.S., Kingman, Arizona

   Another category is semi-naked Latinas:

Las Tules

   And then we have a category for semi-clothed Latinas:

La Gata

   Yes, the model was Jeanne Sedello, yes this was done with photo reference from when they built the Stack where I-17 and I-10 meet, and yes, the guy in the Hasmat suit survived. Next up, failed projects:

The Last Baby Boomer, 2046

   And then we have a very large category I will feature tomorrow.

"[The Eagles] are the most unpopular super-popular entity ever created by California, not counting Ronald Reagan."
—Chuck Klosterman, "I Wear The Black Hat"