Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flowers From Froggy

August 13, 2014
   Worked hard from eight this morning until 6 tonight building the exhibition for "The 66 Kid" at the Powerhouse Museum in Kingman. Had plenty of help from Josh Noble and Rob Chilcoat and a young paper hanger named Roy Wilson from Havasu.

   Meanwhile, Steve Goldstein at KJZZ did an interview with me about the project which ran today. Check it out:

The 66 Kid In The Rearview

   While we were working to put up the walls, a florist came in and presented me with a bouquet of flowers. Who the hell sent these?

Flowers From Froggy Hauan wishing me luck with the show. That would be my cousin Norm Hauan whose nickname is Froggy. The Hauans are from the Thompson, Iowa area where my father is from and so it was nice to get support from that side of the family.

   And speaking of Norsky's, my wife, who is in Germany, reminded me of my stubborn Norwegian tendencies as it relates to this book and the video and the show and she is right. I can be very stubborn when people tell me no. So the flowers struck a deep chord with me. Sometimes I work too hard and try to do too much, but you know what? I have always adhered to the Mordal philosophy:

"Workaholism is such a tough addiction to get over. I had to divorce my wife because she was an enabler."
—Dave Mordal