Friday, January 30, 2015

A Toasty Pot Bellied Stove Morning

January 30, 2015
   Rained most of the night. Woke up to a soggy Arizona morning. Here is Ratcliff Ridge at about seven this morning.

Ratcliff Ridge at 7 a.m. on a soggy, fogged in Arizona morning

   I always marvel at that impressive stand of saguaros along that ridge. Something that even Ms. Ratcliff doesn't get to see. And it changes sometimes hourly in all kinds of light. I could spend the rest of my life, just painting that ridge and I would never capture it in all it's glory.

Ratcliff Ridge at Sunrise

Ratcliff Ridge in Late Afternoon Light

Ratcliff Ridge In Twilight

Ratcliff Ridge Just Before The Storm

   I could post pictures of Ratcliff Ridge until the cows come home, but suffice to say I think you get the picture?

   Brought in some wet wood and stoked a fire in my Big-Bug-Creek-Pot-Bellied stove. Very cozy. Now if I can just some work done!

My Big-Bug-Creek-Pot Bellied Stove stoked up and roaring good

   At least three decades ago, I paid $900 for this stove at the Big Bug Creek Antique Store near Mayer, on the road to Prescott. A recent realignment of the roadway killed the once popular store, but I smile every time I drive by there.

   Finally got untracked about ten and whipped out two paintings inspired by the rain.

Daily Whip Out: "A Break In The Storm"

   The funniest thing is, I literally took the painting out on the hood of my Flex and painted in the saguaros. I then did this slightly different take on the landscape but it needs work. Full disclosure: these are paintings out of my Do-Or-Die-Skies file, with the clouds blocked in already. So this morning's "whipout" only applies to the foreground.

"After midday, the rain eased, and the Land Rover rode into Pokhara on a shaft of storm light."
—Peter Matthiessen, The Snow Leopard