Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dallas Taylor & The Lawman

January 27, 2015
    Just read that fellow drummer, and one-time inspirational bandmate, Dallas Taylor, has died at age 66. I had the privilege of playing "Midnite Rambler" with Dallas playing my drums and me singing lead with Hans Olson and Jack Alves back in 1981 at a hipster watering hole in Scottsdale. Dallas sat in using my Ludwigs and I must say, they never sounded so good. He had the touch and he will be missed.

   It rained last night. Got up this morning and went out to get the newspaper and saw this scene, looking up Old Stage Road:

A Slice of Light On Sugarloaf

   Worked this morning on throwing away weak art and making three piles: Has Potential, Patina Perfect and the Do-Or-Die pile.

The Final Piles

   Grabbed a board out of the latter pile and finished it for good:

Daily Whip Out: "The Lawman"

"There are a whole list of mistakes, peripheral traps that pull you away from the central and only important concern—music. Money, glory, fame, sex, adulation, peer group approval, competition and one's own emotional baggage all distract you from your original purpose. As far as I know, Dallas didn't miss any of these mistakes. They crept up on him, and jerked the rug out from under him and derailed him and almost killed him."
—David Crosby, adding that Dallas got clean and became a counselor for other addicts